Gaming furniture is great not only for players

For several years, we have been observing an increase in the popularity of products “for players”. Interestingly, more and more often they are also used by people who do not have much in common with games. Haven’t played anything since Pegasus? Your last game was a Chinese game 40 years ago? No worries! Don’t cross off the gaming furniture – they still have a lot to offer you. Every year we see an increase in sales among people not related to gaming – it does not come out of anywhere. And this year is absolutely record-breaking because the global pandemic has made more and more people work and learn from home. Many of these people, when looking for the best value for money, go to gaming furniture.

The key to success is a rich offer

The world of computer games likes clear colors and patterns. Shapes that move the imagination and a look that takes us to a slightly different world. Someone who is not interested in games may feel overwhelmed. All this is true and that is why our offer includes several dozen models, each of which will find something for themselves. We respond to the needs of two groups of people: those who appreciate a calmer, subdued design, and those who are looking for something more exciting and more closely related to the world of games. That is why our most popular armchairs are sold in such a varied color palette.

The most important thing is convenience

What we all have in common is the desire to spend time comfortably. After all, we often spend hours in the armchair. The study, work, games, series, books – it’s time to come up with an armchair with a toilet, because for some it is sometimes the only reason to get up 😁 Seating comfort is key when designing each model, and the design and appearance can only be refined when the armchair is 100% comfortable. Thanks to this prioritization, gaming chairs meet the expectations of not only gamers but also of all those who like to sit comfortably at their home. All functions, such as rocking, adjustable and sliding cushions, adjustable armrests, and a wide-angle reclining backrest, have one goal – convenience.