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LED RGB Mouse Pad High Quality.

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LED Mouse Pad

  • RGB LED backlight along the circumference of the pad
  • LEDs are powered from the USB port
  • The pad has 10 backlight modes
  • Big size 80 cm x 30 cm
  • Compatible with optical and laser mice
  • High precision tracking of mouse movements
  • Easy cleaning, splashproof material
LED mouse pad

A large Huzaro gaming pad that will fit a mouse, keyboard, and even a laptop and other computer accessories. Created for all avid players and fans of the latest technologies. Extremely comfortable to use, provides a precise and smooth reflection of mouse movements.

Non-slip, special material connecting the bottom of the pad with the top guarantees a firm hold and the pad does not slide over the desk, while the outer material is durable, yet soft and pleasant to the touch.

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