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Inspired by the latest trends taken from computer games and the latest technologies. Designed to transform an ordinary user’s room into a modern, comfortable place designed to spend a long time in front of a computer. High-quality materials, steel construction, unique design and special solutions. It is a combination of comfort, sport and functionality, and each element of the chair meets the high requirements of ergonomics.

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  • Extremely comfortable and durable gaming chair
  • The bucket seat provides ergonomics and comfort
  • The style refers to trends from the world of games and the Internet
  • The combination of the best materials and solutions
  • Ventilated PUHD leather with AIR technology
  • A material containing a unique blend of carbon fiber
  • Free Air sponge combined with cold foam
  • The armchair ensures the correct positioning of the back
  • Lumbar pillow enforces correct positioning of the spine
  • Comfortable, fold-out footrest for complete relaxation
  • Specially shaped head pillow
  • Material resistant to damage, easy to care for
  • The TILT PLUS function allows rocking and tilting the backrest
  • Adjustable 4D armrests – adequate forearm support
  • Rubber wheels protect the floor from scratches
Gaming chair force 7.5 black huzaro
Gamin chairs huzaro

HUZARO FORCE 7.5 is a product belonging to the Polish brand of gaming chairs, whose guiding message is to provide the product in the highest quality, modern design and with many values at the best price.

CE and SGS certificates
The HUZARO armchair has SGS and CE certificates, which confirm the highest quality and compliance with international standards.

AIR technology

Special ventilated surfaces in places where the body sticks to the chair. The technology combines an attractive pinhole design with top-quality materials and foams to ensure perfect airflow. This solution ensures freshness, comfort and coolness even during many hours of use.

Thermo-Elastic foam
The special soft sponge and cold foam in combination with the appropriate weaves of the material not only provide adequate quality and resistance to deformation. Thanks to these solutions, the chair also guarantees adequate air circulation even after many hours of work at the computer.

Gaming chair force 7.5 black huzaro17
Gaming chair force 7.5 black huzaro18


The gaming chair should look great from the front and back. Force 7.5 was designed from PUHD leather with unique inserts along the lines of carbon fiber – carbon fiber.

FootRest function – comfortable footrest

You expect comfort and convenience, and maybe gameplay is a moment of relaxation for you. A fold-out footrest will allow you to stretch your legs comfortably, relax and rest. The footrest function also works well in conjunction with a reclining backrest.
Gaming chair force 7.5 black huzaro14

4D armrests with full adjustment

Comfortable, soft 4D armrests with full height and position adjustment. Made of soft material, resistant to deformation. Armrests allow you to comfortably rest your hands, provide adequate support for your forearms, reduce strain on your shoulders and spine.

Adjustment forward / backward
Rotate left / right
Left / right adjustment
Height adjustment

Adjustable lumbar pillow

The armchair not only looks great, but also cares for our health. A large, ventilated, properly profiled pillow with height adjustment ensures a perfect positioning of the spine.

Gaming chair force 7.5 black huzaro6

Cradle mechanism

The Cradle function gives you the ability to quickly position the backrest at any angle, with the possibility of unfolding 135 ‘. Users using Huzaro Force 7.5 can afford a moment of complete relaxation, muscle relaxation, and even a nap in the chair.

Gaming chair force 7.5 black huzaro8

1. Head and neck
The integrated headrest allows you to comfortably rest your head and relax while working at the computer.

2. Back
Specially profiled backrest will ensure your back a proper position and prevent pain during prolonged use of the computer.

3. The spine
The perfect positioning of the spine is guaranteed by the specially profiled, adjustable lumbar pillow.

4. Hands and arms
Rest your hands comfortably on the ergonomic soft armrests and let them rest despite long, uninterrupted work.

5. Correct position of the whole body
The metal construction means that the chair’s position will always be properly adjusted to the body, it also ensures stability and durability of the entire structure.

6. Relaxation for muscles
A fold-out footrest provides comfort and allows you to relax your muscles.


Model: FORCE 7.5

Certificates: SGS

Materials: Seat and back: PU-HD eco-leather, ventilated leather, Carbon leather,

Construction: Steel

Sponge: breathable, combined with cold foam

Accessories: lumbar pillow, footrest

Mechanism: Tilt PLUS

Actuator: Gas

Maximum user weight: 150 kg

Gaming chair force 7.5 black huzaro2
Gaming chair force 7.5 black huzaro10
Gaming chair force 7.5 black huzaro1
Gaming chair force 7.5 black huzaro

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