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Professional Huzaro Force 6.0 Gaming Chair. It is a combination of Ergonomics and Functionality. Designed for e-sport fans who value above all comfort and design.

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HUZARO FORCE 6.0  Gaming Chair

  • Amazing Comfortable even during long hours of usage
  • Made of top-quality, industrial materials
  • Modern designed to fit in both a gaming or office setup
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Highest Quality Product

HUZARO FORCE 6.0 is  the highest quality product with modern design

Cushion for Neck Muscles

The cushion is used as a headrest, it also works great as a pillow for the neck muscles. You will forget about neck pains even during long hours of playing or working on a computer.

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Lumbar Pillow

Proper spine positioning is ensured by a lumbar pillow.

AIR Technology

Special ventilated surfaces are provided in places where the body fully touches the chair. This solution ensures freshness, comfort and coolness even during many hours of using.

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Gaming chair Force 6.0 white1

Non-slip Soft Armrests

Armrests provide adequate support for the forearms, reduce the load on the shoulders and spine.


High-quality solid foam guarantees the right shape of the seat and perfect ventilation even after long playing time.


The function allows you to tilt the backrest properly. This allows you to relax, ensure adequate blood circulation and to relieve tension in the muscles.


Durable and reliable construction with a lifting capacity of up to 130 kg.


1. Head and neck
2. Hands and arms
3. Back
4. Spine
5. The right position of the whole body

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Cradle mechanism

The Cradle function makes it possible to quickly position the backrest at any angle, with the possibility of complete spread. Users of Huzaro Force 6.0 can afford a moment of body relaxation.

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