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Huzaro Combat 6.0 Gaming Armchair Red – Design referring to the latest trends in games and technology – High-quality materials, solid workmanship, high functionality


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    Gaming Chair COMBAT 6.0 RED

    Huzaro Combat 6.0 Red Gaming Armchair – Design referring to the latest trends in games and technology – High-quality materials, solid performance, high functionality – Ventilated AIR Mesch material combined with PU HD leather – Seat made of perforated leather and Thermo Elastic foam – Solutions used guarantee great air circulation – Specially profiled, comfortable, bucket construction – The armchair ensures proper positioning of the back – Specially profiled head pillow – Lumbar cushion ensures correct positioning of the spine – Adjustable armrests, comfortable and soft – Butterfly Tilt Cradle rocking and tilting mechanism – Reinforced five-pointed base – Rubber wheels protect the floor from scratches – The chair casing is made of durable NYLON FX material

    AirMesh Technology


    In places where the body is stuck to the back of the chair, a specially reinforced fabric has been used, which ensures maximum air circulation. This solution guarantees freshness, comfort and coolness even during many hours of use.

    Ventilated PU Mesh HD Leather

    Air circulation was also placed in the seat of the chair, which was made of ventilated PU Mesh HD leather in combination with thermoelastic foam. In addition to comfort, this solution also provides adequate quality and resistance to deformation.

    FootRest function – a comfortable footrest

    You expect comfort and convenience, and maybe the gameplay is a moment of relaxation for you. A fold-out footrest will allow you to stretch your legs comfortably, relax and rest. The footrest function also works well in conjunction with a reclining backrest.

    Gamin chairs huzaro

    Highest Quality Product

    HUZARO FORCE 6.6 is  the highest quality product with modern design

    Nylon FX

    The massive, solid back casing made of flexible Nylon FX material makes an amazing impression. The housing uses special inlets that support air circulation through the backrest, which gives the user, even more, convenience and comfort. 

    Tilting backrest function with Cradle Plus seat

    The Butterfly Tilt mechanism has a built-in Cradle Plus function, i.e. the ability to tilt the backrest. Cradle Plus is characterized by the fact that with the tilt of the backrest, the seat adopts the right position, which ensures high comfort, works great when playing on the console, watching a movie, or even a nap.

    Adjustable armrests

    Specially profiled, fully ergonomic, soft armrests with adjustable position. They guarantee adaptation to the individual needs of the user, appropriate forearm support and convenience during long hours in front of the computer.


    The function allows you to tilt the backrest properly. This allows you to relax, ensure adequate blood circulation and to relieve tension in the muscles.


    Durable and reliable construction with a lifting capacity of up to 130 kg.

    Functional solutions

    Five double polyurethane-rubber wheels ensure free sliding on the chair, and the materials used to protect the floor from scratches and abrasions. 

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